Three of the Best Spots to Fish in Illinois

Heidecke Lake

Responsible for business valuations, due-diligence research, and sales negotiation, Matthew Brunstrum has assisted numerous clients with closing business mergers and acquisitions. When he is not working at the Chicago, Illinois-based firm Sun Acquisitions, Matthew Brunstrum enjoys fishing to unwind.

The State of Illinois is a fisherman’s paradise and home to many fishing tournaments. Thanks in part to the state’s extensive fishery management operation, Illinois features many reservoirs that are ideal for fish breeding, allowing anglers to find plentiful large catfish, largemouth bass, and a wide variety of other fish.

If you’re looking for great fishing spots in Illinois, three of the best places to explore are the Mississippi River, Lake Michigan, and Heidecke Lake. The Mississippi River gives anglers the best opportunity to land trophy catches like a jumbo catfish and other big fish. Experienced fishermen suggest looking for hidden caves where catfish lurk during the daylight, then returning at night to catch them while they are feeding.

Not far from Chicago, Lake Michigan is also one of the top places to fish in the State. Anglers can find salmon, whitefish, brown trout, and steelheads in Lake Michigan, depending on the time of year and the area where they are fishing. Also near Chicago, Heidecke Lake is a great place to find a wide variety of fish, including smallmouth, striped, largemouth, yellow bass, and northern pike, among others.

Sun Acquisitions Welcomes Mike Vaughn as Senior Advisor

Matthew Brunstrum
Matthew Brunstrum

Matthew Brunstrum is a wealth management professional with several years of experience in the financial sector. Matthew Brunstrum joined the Sun Acquisitions, a Chicago-based mergers and acquisitions firm in 2017 as an advisor.

The M&A firm continues to expand its advisory team, with Mike Vaughn joining as its senior advisor, bringing over three decades of experience to the position. Much of Mr. Vaughn’s experience in mergers and acquisitions have been in the manufacturing industry, holding roles with Ashland Chemical, Dow Chemical, and GE Plastics. By joining Sun Acquisitions’ experienced team, Mike Vaughn looks forward to developing his expertise in the business brokerage area.

Domenic Rinaldi, the managing partner of Sun Acquisitions, stated that hiring Mike Vaughn will help expand the firm’s physical presence in the Midwest. He also highlighted the fact that Mike Vaughn’s expertise, combined with the M&A firm’s experience, will enhance the company’s mission of bringing value to each of its clients.