Tips for Catching More Fish in Local Waters

Experienced with business valuations, due-diligence research, and negotiating the sale of businesses, Matthew Brunstrum works as the Chicago, Illinois-based firm Sun Acquisitions. When he has time off work, Matthew Brunstrum enjoys the sport of fishing to unwind and spend time in nature.

The experience of fishing can be a fun one, even if you don’t catch much fish. However, learning a bit about the best time and place to fish can help you increase your yield. For example, if you’re casting surface lures on the top of the water, your best times to fish will be dawn and dusk when fish activity is higher. However, on rainy or overcast days, you may have more luck reeling in fish on midday fishing trips.

Another tip is to watch the barometric pressure readings. When the pressure drops, fishes are encouraged to look for food or bait. Lastly, learn about the high tide and low tide times in your area. If the tide is too low, you may have trouble navigating the boat safely, or the area might not have enough water to draw a good number of fish. The best way to learn about the best times and places to fish is to talk to locals who have experience fishing in the area.