The Importance of Letting Your Bank Know Your Travel Plans

  The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in finance from Indiana University, Matthew Brunstrum is an advisor at Sun Acquisitions, where he provides merger and acquisition services to business clients. Outside of his professional pursuits, Matthew Brunstrum enjoys traveling.

Planning for a trip requires a lot more than simply packing a suitcase. One of the most important things to remember is to alert your bank or credit card company of your travel intentions. Most financial institutions track your spending patterns to prevent against card theft and might interpret unexpected purchases from different countries as fraudulent. Consequently, your debit or credit card could be locked following unexpected charges.

Calling your bank or credit card company before the trip ensures you can use your card without worrying whether it will be locked. It might also be helpful to ask which number you can reach them at if your card is stolen and subjected to actual fraudulent charges. Moreover, it’s especially crucial to alert your bank beforehand if you plan on visiting a destination with limited cell service as you may end up stranded with no way of accessing your own funds. Some banks and credit card issuers even allow you to alert them of travel plans via mobile apps or websites.