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Sun Acqusitions Facilitates Purchase of Zircon Precision Products

Sun Acqusitions
Image: sunacquisitions.com

Matthew Brunstrum is a financial professional with several years of experience in the industry. Matthew Brunstrum currently serves as an advisor to Sun Acquisitions, a Chicago-based mergers and acquisitions firm that primarily works with middle market companies across the United States.

Sun Acquisitions works as an advisory company and has been involved in a variety of sales in the past few years, with one of the most recent being CLM Equity Partners’ purchase of Arizona-based aerospace company Zircon Precision Products. Zircon produces specialized aerospace products for both the commercial and military sectors, with the company gaining a reputation for its precision manufacturing process.

According to CLM Equity Partners president and CEO Matthew Locci, the company will work to continue Zircon’s legacy into the future. He also commended the controlled and thorough approach that Sun Acquisitions brought to the acquisition process, which he adds placed CLM in the best position possible when making the purchase.